bring back death note memes

did you know….

yagami backwards………………

is imagay XD

alright putting the memes away again

i dunno im sure she could have used another word or w/e… what she said didnt settle well with me

oh gosh today my english teacher was talking about pop culture and sex symbols and she said that every big bombshell has gone through a slutty phase and wow i did not expect that…i was rooting for you…ya let me down

@dogs that wag their tail so hard their butt shakes


I love you


Honestly if you anti Avocado you racist and anti Mango you a white supremecist also if you anti Coconut water you have come anglo saxon ass tastebuds


me during ***flawless remix when my mom is in the room: gosh darn gosh darn gosh darn!


the duality of man


The whole side chick main chick bullshit is boys trying to create a pop culture in which cheating on the woman you’re with is considered cool or normal.

Don’t perpetuate it.

my aesthetic


im standing in full adidas attire drinking my way through a case of fiji water. you ask me my name and i smile. i begin to answer and only a stream of chopped mango cubes flood from my mouth.